Employment Opportunities

Love County EMS is a model of excellence in rural EMS. Through our operation by Mercy Health - Love County and our partnership with the Chickasaw Nation we are able to offer competative salaries, full Mercy benefits, hospital/ER experience, and a varied work place.  Training and continuing education programs including refreshers and AHA courses are provided and conducted In-House.  We are always willing to hear from energetic professionals who embrace teamwork and project the Mercy Standards of care to others with compassion and dignity. 

To begin the application process, either fax or mail a resume and indicate the position you are interested in. 
DO NOT CALL.  PHONE CALLS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.   Send resume and inquiry by email or fax.

Always accepting applications from PARAMEDICS AND PARAMEDIC / Firefighter

To send in a Resume, either:

Email:    [email protected]

Fax :    EMS Manager   at    (580) 276-4795  

Mail :
                EMS Manager    
                Mercy Health-Love County
                300 Wanda
                Marietta, OK


  • Emergency Services Specialist - Fire Brigade  (Paramedic and EMT levels)

For  WinStar World Casinos, the worlds largest casino.  Medic/Firefighters provide fire prevention, protection, and rescue in the capacity of a fire brigade.  Primary duties are EMS based, staffing  ambulances and assisting First Aid with medical needs inside casinos.  Shifts are 24  or 48 hours on, 48 or 96 hours offl.  Typically work 10 days per month with NO CALL.  Applicants must have EMT-Basic or Paramedic with National Registry and be Oklahoma license eligble.  Fire service training, such as Firefighter I and II preferred.  Must also hold a valid drivers license with clean driving record.  Must pass background checks.  Must pass Physical Ability Test  (see below) and must pass a medical exam following NFPA 1582.  Technical Rescue including Trench Rescue.

  • Paramedic

As an Advanced Life Support service, our staffing is primarily by Paramedics. Applicants must have National Registry status  to be eligible for an Oklahoma license. Applicants must also hold a valid drivers license with clean driving record. ACLS and PALS certification are required and can be provided. Critical Care Transport is not required. Paramedics work 48 hour shifts, typically 10 days per month, with NO CALL.

  • EMT-Basic

    As an Advanced Life Support service, our staffing is primarily by Paramedics. Few EMT-Basics are utilized, primarily as drivers. EMT-Basics at Station 1 also assist with Emergency Room duties, exposing them to numerous learning opportunities. Applicants must have National Registry status, and either have, or be eligible for an Oklahoma license. Applicants must also hold a valid drivers license with clean driving record. EMT's work 48 hour shifts, typically 10 per month, with NO CALL.

  • FIRST AID RESPONDER   (Chickasaw Nation Casinos)

     Love County EMS First Aid Responders provide initial medical care at the two main casinos operated by the Chickasaw Nation, Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma, and WinStar World Casinos on I-35 at the Texas/Oklahoma border. First Aid applicants must be at least 18 years of age, a high school graduate, and possess some healthcare experience. EMT-Basic training is preferred but not required.  EMT Licensing is not required. Background checks will be performed by the Gaming Commission.  First Aid staff works 12 hour shifts, alternating 3 and 4 days per week with every other weekend.


Physical Ability Test for ESS/Fire Brigade:

Applicants for ESS positions must demonstrate strength, endurance, and physical ability.

All applicants will complete the following physical ability test in less than 16 minutes total. 6 minutes are allowed for the run, 4 minutes for recovery, and 6 minutes for skilled strength components. 

Conditions of testing:
1. Prior to physical ability testing, it is recommended that candidates review their health status with a physician to determine if there are any pre-existing conditions that would exclude the candidate from safely participating.
2. A liability waiver is required to participate in testing.
3. All testing will be conducted on premises of Station 1 or Station 2 in active working areas. Spectators and family cannot be accommodated.
4. Testing will be conducted primarily outdoors, regardless of weather. Shorts or athletic pants, T-shirt, and athletic shoes are recommended.
5. Running is not permitted on the skills course, brisk walking only. 
6. A ladder climb using an aerial truck will be completed at a later session. Successful completion of the first session can result in an offer of conditional employment, but the aerial ladder climb must be successfully completed. Failure can result in termination of employment.
Components, in order. Each component must be passed before proceeding:
  1. RUN:  Complete ½ mile run in 6 minutes or less.
  2. 12 lead EKG performed by Paramedic or PA who will check for any ventricular arrhythmia or signs of ischemia such as ST segment depression. Testing will stop if any is found.
  3. At least 4 minute rehab during which EKG and gear donning occur. Don wildland coat, SCBA air pack, gloves, and helmet. Airpack is not used for breathing.
  4. EXTENSION LADDER CLIMB : At 10 minute mark,  climb 20’extension ladder on building TWICE. Must place both hands on top rung and both feet on ground.
  5. HOSE CARRY: Pick up hose pack of 2 ½” line weighing 35 lbs, carry 100’ through serpentine course.
  6. HOSE DRAG:  drag charged 1 ½” line from pumper for 100’.
  7. KEISER SLED:. Drive sled past finish line.
  8. LADDER LIFT: Return to pumper, remove 14’ roof ladder and place on ground. Replace ladder on pumper.
  9. EQUIPMENT CARRY:  Pick up two gas powered rescue saws and carry 100’.
  10.  POLE VENT:  Place feet behind line, place hands outside of the orange zone on pole, lift teathered 35 lb hose pack off ground and to full extension 20 times.
  11.  DUMMY DRAG: 185 lb dummy. Lift dummy using any technique and drag or carry dummy 50’. Entire Dummy must cross finish line.
  12.  AERIAL LADDER CLIMB: At later time, allowing recovery from testing, will climb ladder extended 60’ at 60 degrees.